Zen Meditation Experience at Kojyo-ji Temple

7 minutes walk from Azumi. Please be advised that the walk includes climbing a set of stairs. Kojyo-ji temple is a three-story pagoda with a tiled roof. It is designated as a national treasure. It was built for Zen discipline where guests can experience meditation under the instruction of the chief priest. It is located at the top of a hill in a calm precinct with a view of the Setoda canal beneath. It will be a very refreshing experience to start a day. It is recommended to take the 20 minutes walk back to Azumi after the meditation experience.

* Please contact our Guest Assistant if a guest under 13 years old would like to join the tour.
* Please be informed that there might be other guests joining for the session at the same time.

Time Arrangement Departing Azumi at 7:00 am(45min-1h in total)
Price 2 persons or above 3,800 yen / per person
3 persons or above 3,300 yen / per person
Booking Limit 2 days prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
Cancellation Policy 1 day prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day / 50% of the arrangement
1 day prior after 5:00 pm / 100% of the arrangement

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