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At breakfast and lunch time, we offer nutritious set menus using seasonal ingredients purchased directly from local farmers and fishermen.
At dinner time, you can enjoy fresh ingredients carefully wood-fired in a relaxed atmosphere.
Enjoy the bounty of nature, including vegetables and citrus fruits bathed in the power of the sun in this land known for its many sunny days, and fish and octopus that are firm and tender due to the strong currents unique to the Seto Inland Sea.

Genre Cafe
Business hours Breakfast⁠ 8:00-10:30⁠
Lunch⁠ 12:00-14:00⁠
Cafe⁠ 8:00-16:00⁠
Dinner⁠ 18:00-20:30 L/O、21:00 CLOSE⁠
Holidays Wednesday
Tel 0845-25-6511
Website https://soilis.co/locations/setoda/

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