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SOIL KURA is located near Setoda Port and is located in a renovated building that used to be a salt storehouse.
We have a wide variety of bicycles, including cute lemon-colored bicycles and high-tech electric bicycles that are easy to ride even for beginners.
You can have lunch or use the cafe while looking at the sea at the Minatoya building across the street.


Business hours 10:00-17:30
Regular holiday Every Thursday
Number of bicycles Cross bike×10
Electric bike×6
Price 【JETTER】2H ¥3,000、9H ¥5,000
【Electric bike】3H ¥3,000-
【Cross bike】3H ¥1,500-、9H ¥2,000-
Reservation deadline 1 days prior until 5:30 pm
Inquiry TEL:0845-25-6511

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