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Shimanami Roman

A comfortable location right in front of Setoda Port.
When you get off the ship, you will be greeted by a lemon-colored bicycle in front of you.
In addition to rental bicycles, there is also a restaurant and a souvenir corner unique to Setoda.
As an Onomichi City Cycle Oasis certified facility, we also provide repair and rescue services.

Business hours 10:00-21:00
Regular holiday Every Wednesday
Number of bicycles mini velo×6
cross bike×8
lemon bike×15
Price 3H 1,000yen- /1day 1,800yen-
Reservation deadline 1 days prior until 5:00 pm
Cancellation policy Free until 17:00 on the day
100% if no contact on the day
Inquiry TEL:0845-27-0010 

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